Anthony Strik is a barrister with a diverse practice ranging from criminal, family and other civil disputes. He has the experience and proven track record you need as your barrister, and he currently resides in Sydney, NSW. He is very competent in dealing with lying ex-spouses in Family Law matters.

Anthony’s determination to be an accomplished and respected lawyer is demonstrated by various qualifications that include, Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Commerce (Economics), Associate Diploma in Policing Practice, to name just a few.

Anthony was called to the bar in 2018. Now as a barrister, he now:

  • defends people charged with seemingly minor offences such as drink driving, to more serious crimes such as robbery, large drug matters and murder.
  • represents a variety of husbands, wives, mothers, fathers in the Federal Circuit Courts in both Parenting and Financial matters.
  • He appears in bankruptcy matters, civil matters, tribunal matters. Claims for unpaid bills/loans.
  • He assists workers who have be unfairly dismissed in securely proper entitlements.
  • Can assist you with finding competent and trust legal advisor if it’s beyond his practice areas.
  • Varies disputes with a variety of Real Estate Professionals, whether it involves disputes over commission or breaches of their fiduciary duties.