Legal Services

Mr. Anthony Strik provides legal services across a wide range of areas, showcasing his versatility and expertise as a lawyer. His practice areas include:

  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • Real Estate Agent Law
  • Traffic / Motor Vehicle Law
  • Liquor Licensing
  • Common Law
  • Proceeds of Crime
  • Children’s Court
  • Care and Protection
  • White Collar / Financial Crime
  • Insurance
  • Personal Injury
  • Employment
  • Equity
  • Commissions of Inquests/Inquiries
  • Consumer Law

Here are some specific examples of how Mr. Strik has helped his clients achieve favorable outcomes:

  • Represented clients in various Family Court cases, such as Green & Green [2022], Zabawa & Ragheb (No 2) [2022], Austen & Manz [2022], Mudin & Bashar [2022], Franklyn & Franklyn (No. 2) [2021], and more.
  • Successfully handled cases in the Federal Court of Australia, including Salah (formerly HGMZ) v Secretary, Department of Social Services [2022] FCAFC 186.
  • Represented clients in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT), such as Chief Health Officer, NSW Health v FRC (application for confirmation of public health order) [2023] NSWCATAD 75, [NKT] Pty Ltd v Commissioner for Fair Trading [2024] NSWCATAD 85, and FGL v Commissioner for Fair Trading [2022] NSWCATOD 29.
  • Handled Fair Work cases, including George Tisseverasinghe v Msquared Capital Funds Management Pty Ltd and MG v [The employer] C2023/7772.
  • Represented clients in the Supreme Court of NSW, such as Moustapha v Nelson [2018] NSWSC 1816 and Sergio Andres Chocron v Mina Onkoud [2019] NSWSC 1823.
  • Negotiated at a settlement conference to achieve a favorable outcome against an overzealous landlord (NCAT).
  • Obtained a Warrant of Possession for an Estate to remove a person from their property (NCAT).
  • Handled a Consumer Law Claim, where the provider issued a full refund to the client for ruining their holiday.
  • Settled a Family Provisions Claim against the estate in the plaintiff’s favor.
  • Assisted various real estate agents in both criminal and civil jurisdictions.